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Holiday impressions...

Summer Holiday 2019; France (Normandy, Brittany)
Hiking in the Netherlands...
Late spring phototrip to Cochem, Germany
Spring Holiday 2019 Bakkum / Castricum
Autumn Holiday 2018 Katwijk aan Zee
Summer Holiday 2018: UK i.e. Wales, Oxfordshire, Essex
Springbreak Terschelling 2018 (NL) Flying Aeroplanes...
Daytrip to London (UK), spring 2018
Wintertrip Freiburg (Germany) Motorbiking...
Autumn Camping Trip Ootmarsum
Vulkaneifel revisited (2019)
Summer Holiday 2017: Scotland revisited Luxembourg revisited (2018)
Autumn Camping Trip Bloemendaal Sauerland revisited; Orketal 2018 (Germany) 
Autumn City Trip to Stockholm (Sweden) North France revisited (2017, Champagnes Ardennes)
Summer Holiday 2016: Scotland and Northumberland
Alps revisited 2016 by motorbike (Austria, Italy)
Autumn Holiday 2015; short camping trip to Epen (L) in NL Eifel revisited 2016 by motorbike (Germany)
(Long) weekend trip to Normandy with Y
Sauerland revisited 2015 by motorbike (Germany) 
Summer Holiday Scotland 2015 Tirolian Alps revisited by motorbike (Austria)
Summer Holiday Scotland and Northumberland 2014  Sauerland revisited 2014 by motorbike (Germany)
Summer Holiday UK 2013 (Cornwall,Devon, Somerset, Dorset and Kent)
Scotland by motorbike 2013 Newcastle to Skye
Summer Trip to Iceland (July 2012)
North France revisited (2013, Champagnes Ardennes)
Summer Holiday UK 2012 (Scotland, Yorkshire)
Swiss Alps 2012 (F, Belux, D and I included) 
Summer Holiday, City Trip Budapest 2011
Neuerburg spring 2012 (Eifel, Germany)
Summer Holiday 2011 UK; Kent, Dorset and Devon
Neuerburg autumn 2011 (Ardennes (B, Lx), Eifel (Germany))
Summer Holiday France 2010; Normandy, Brittany and the Somme area
Manderscheid 2011 (Germany)
Autumn Holiday; City Trip 2009 Madrid
North France (Champagne Ardennes)
Summer Holiday UK, Sailing and Hiking the Norfolk (Broads)  2009 South UK by motorbike, May 2010
Summer Holiday UK, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk 2008 
VStrom Adventure (Spain, France, Andorra) June 2009

Flying in the US (California) 2008 

Walloon (B) and Champagne Ardennes (F)  May 2009

Summer holiday Twente 2007 Normandy / Brittany (France) Early summer 2008

Spring holiday Norway, Vesteralen 2007

Eifel revisited... May 2008

Summer holiday Leekstermeer 2006

Eifel / Luxembourg Spring 2007

Spring holiday Norway, Vesteralen 2006 

Devoteam Motor Tour 2006     

Summer holiday 2005, England and Wales

Sauerland 2006 Ohne Worte... wet... wet...  

Summer holiday 2004 Leekstermeer Vosges, Jura, Lake Geneva, Eifel, Luxembourg 2005
Summer holiday 2004 Gulpen Devoteam Motor Tour 2005
Spring holiday 2004 Marmaris, Turkey

Sauerland 2005

Summer holiday 2003 in Northern England Motor tour: Germany and the Alps revisited 2004
Spring holiday 2003 La Palma

Sauerland 2004

Flying to, from and in the USA 2002

Devoteam Mainland Motortocht 2003  

Summer 2002 'Leekstermeer' Luxembourg revisited 2003 by motorbike 
Spring holiday 2002 Lanzarote Devoteam Mainland Motortocht 2002  
Summer 2001, camping in the Netherlands Luxembourg revisited 2002 by motorbike 
Summer 2000, Denmark and Sweden! Motor tour: the Alps revisited 2001
Summer 1999, Wales and England. Luxembourg revisited 2001 by motorbike
Flying to, from and in the USA 1998 Mainland Motor Tocht 2001
Summer 1998 in Wales and England Off road (motor) training (Henk Seppenwoolde)
Summer 1997 in Wales


Summer 1996 in Valais, Switzerland Caravanning! (sorry, in Dutch only!)

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